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PAC Events & Programs

Process & Guidelines

To guide both schools and PACs in planning for PAC events and PAC initiated after school programs, and answer questions related to Supervision, Liability, Fees and Custodial Requirements related to all such programs, the Facilities and Planning department has created the below flowcharts. 

In addition, for PAC initiated after school programs, please use the process and template HE​​RE. Note that this process applies to ALL after school programs operating on school property, both indoors and outdoors.

In summary

A School Sponsored Program or Event: 

  • Is supervised by an SD44 employee, who is the district representative on site for the duration of the event
  • Falls under SD44 Liability Insurance
  • Examples- school sports teams, school clubs sponsored by SD44 employee, school community events organized by the school (Meet the teacher night, Spring Concert)

A District Rental is:

  • Any use other than directly school sponsored programs or events, even if approved to occur during school use times (before 530pm)
  • Organized and supervised by a PAC or other 3rd party who must have a rental agreement in place with the district. This ensures that the space is blocked and appropriate supervision and liability measures are in place.
  • Subject to room/ field fees and cleaning fees as determined by the district
  • Subject to the terms and conditions of SD44 for rental groups (available here) including proof of liability insurance
  • Rentals are for space only, not equipment unless approved by the school
  • Examples: After school programs not run directly by the school, PAC social and fundraising activities (ice cream social, grade 7 car wash, PAC movie night), community uses
  • Note about fees and liability: If it is a PAC run event for the purposes of serving the whole school community, AND there is an SD44 employee who is the district representative on site for the entire duration of the event, the event falls under SD44 liability and is exempt from facility fees. (examples would be—ice cream social, family bingo night).

Custodial Requirements

  • Spaces are to be left in the condition in which they were found
  • District Rentals will determine if custodial services are required based on the usage for all events (internal or external)- see more detailed information in the flowchart

If there are any questions at all or you are unsure of where an event fits in, how to book it, and what the requirements are, please don’t hesitate to reach out to