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Emergency Preparedness

Role of the PAC in Emergency Preparedness

The Parent Advisory Committee plays a valuable role in a school's emergency preparedness state of readiness. Emergency preparedness supplies are typically funded by PAC fundraising efforts. In addition, the PACs emergency preparedness representative often spearheads or participates in reviewing and updating emergency preparedness supplies, including:

  • contents of the classroom Grab-and-Go kits

  • emergency water supplies 

  • outdoor emergency container supplies

Below is a document that includes detailed information for the PAC on school emergency supplies.


Topics include:

  1. Funding for Emergency Preparedness Supplies

  2. Emergency Supplies Priorities

  3. Outdoor Emergency Equipment Container

  4. Classroom Grab-and-Go Bag

  5. Classroom Comfort Kits

  6. Incident Commander Kit

  7. Central Trauma Kit

  8. Water Supplies

  9. Food Supplies

  10. Student Release Drill

  11. Finding a Supplier

Do you have questions? Need Help?

If you have any questions regarding PAC emergency preparedness activities, support is available! The District Occupational Health and Safety Department has partnered with Schools Prepare to provide support at no cost.

Emergency Preparedness Supplies Review

If you are wondering how to move forward (or where to begin!) with your schools’ emergency supplies, our consultant can provide guidance on:

  • The outdoor emergency supplies container
  • Indoor / classroom emergency preparedness supplies
  • How to prioritize
  • Next steps

No question is too small! To book a phone call or online meeting, contact:

Jocelyn Hewson
Schools Emergency Preparedness Consultant