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Five-Year Capital Plan for 2023/24
​2023/24 Five-Year Capital Plan & Priorities

Each year, boards of education are required to submit a Five-Year Capital Plan identifying both major and minor capital funding priorities required for their school districts. In late March 2022, the Ministry of Education and Child Care issued instructions identifying the funding programs and requirements for the preparation and submission of the 2023/24 Five-Year Capital Plan. The deadlines for the submissions r, using the Capital Asset Planning System (CAPS) online platform, will be as follows:

  • Major Capital Programs – June 30, 2022
  • Minor Capital Programs – September 30, 2022

The staggered deadlines are intended to provide the Ministry with input required to initiate planning for the next budget cycle, while enabling school districts additional time and flexibility to plan over the summer. School districts may wish to provide Major and Minor Capital submissions by the June 30, 2022 deadline.

School districts are required to have a current Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP) to support major capital priorities identified in their Five-Year Capital Plan submission. The LRFP is to incorporate consideration of demographic changes, enrolment patterns, residential developments planned in the community, facility condition, and capacity utilization.

Consultants were engaged to assist with updating the School District’s LRFP in 2020. Given that there hasn’t been any significant change to enrolment projections, the same plan was brought forward in 2021 and 2022. The updated projections highlight the same major capital requests, however the priority order has changed.

The major capital funding programs require projects to be prioritized over a five-year budget horizon. The current major capital funding programs that are applicable to the North Vancouver School District are:

  • New School Program
  • Site Acquisition Program
  • Addition/Expansion Program
  • Replacement/Renovation Program

The minor capital programs only require funds to be identified for a single budget year. The minor capital funding programs include the following:

  • School Enhancement Program
  • Carbon Neutral Capital Program
  • Playground Equipment Program

The following Draft priorities have been identified for the 2023/24 Five-Year Capital Plan in the tables below:

Major Capital Funding Categories

New School Program

A new elementary school within the City of North Vancouver (CNV) to address enrolment growth is identified as a top priority.

PriorityFacility NameProject DescriptionProject Cost
1New CNV SchoolNew 40K / 425E Capacity School$43,187,637


Site Acquisition Program

A funding request to support the acquisition of a site for a new future CNV elementary school is identified as a priority.  This is preliminary order of magnitude estimate which would be further qualified once the priority is supported and moves forward to a feasibility study, which would take in factors such as land availability, etc.

PriorityFacility NameProject DescriptionProject Cost
1New CNV SchoolNew CNV school site$58,000,000


School Addition/Expansion Projects

Priorities based on Long Range Facilities Plan and enrolment projections.

PriorityFacility NameProject DescriptionProject Cost
1Lynnmour Elementary
Expand capacity from 20K/250E to 60K/450E
2Carson Graham Secondary
Expand capacity from 1100 to 1400
3Queensbury Elementary
Expand capacity from 20K/250E to 40K/450E
4Westview ElementaryExpand capacity from 20K/225E to 20K/325E
​5​Highlands Elementary
​Expand capacity from 40K/350E to 40K/450E
Larson ElementaryExpand capacity from 40K/400E to 60K/475E$7,563,197


School Replacement/Renovation Projects

Priorities based on a combination of facility condition with consideration to future enrolment.

PriorityFacility NameProject DescriptionProject Cost
1Seymour Heights ElementaryReplace with a new larger 60K/525E school$48,085,548
Ross Road ElementaryReplace with a new larger 60K/475E school$45,635,766


Minor Capital Funding Categories

School Enhancement Program

School Enhancement Projects are investments that will contribute to the safety and function of the school and will extend the life of the existing asset. Projects and priorities were identified with the use of the Ministry’s Capital Asset Management System, consulting reports, and staff input. Eligible projects must be valued at more than $100,000 but not exceed $2,000,000. One project must be included that is valued at $500,000 or less. School districts are limited to a maximum of 5 separate School Enhancement Projects limited to five priorities.

PriorityFacility NameProject DescriptionProject Cost
1Windsor Secondary

Building envelope and glazing systems renewal

2Various Schools
Accessible washroom upgrades$1,200,000
3Various SchoolsElevator and lift upgrades/modernization
4Windsor SecondaryLarge gym flooring renewal
5Various SchoolsLighting upgrades at multiple locations


Carbon Neutral Capital Program

School districts are limited to five priorities. Projects must contribute to measurable emissions reductions, operational cost savings, align with Capital Asset Management Systems equipment renewal period and LRFP.

PriorityFacility NameProject DescriptionProject Cost
1Sherwood Park ElementaryBoiler system Renewal$ 350,000
2Blueridge ElementaryBoiler system Renewal$ 350,000
3Seymour Heights ElementaryBoiler system Renewal$ 350,000
4Windsor SecondaryBoiler system & piping system renewal$ 1,000,000
5Carisbrooke ElementaryBoiler system Renewal$ 350,000


Playground Equipment Program

The Ministry’s funding eligibility is based on new or replacement playground equipment. Prioritization is given to schools that do not currently have playground equipment, and where students do not have easy access to nearby playground facilities. School districts are limited to three requests for universally accessible playground equipment up to $165,000.

The requests below are prioritized based on requests from schools, facilities staff assessments, equipment age and condition, community access, proximity to parks, and equity between schools (including equity in terms of play space area to enrolment numbers).

PriorityFacility NameRequest
1Sherwood Park ElementaryUniversally accessible playground equipment
2Eastview ElementaryUniversally accessible playground equipment
3Dorothy Lynas ElementaryUniversally accessible playground equipment