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Five-Year Capital Plan for 2019/20

In mid-April 2018, the Ministry of Education issued Capital Plan Instructions, identifying the major capital funding programs, and requirements for the preparation and submission of the 2019/2020 Five-Year Capital Plan.

For capital projects to be considered as priorities by the Ministry of Education, school districts are required to have a current Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP) in place to support the Capital Plan. The LRFP is to incorporate consideration of demographic changes, enrolment patterns, residential developments planned in the community, facility condition, and capacity utilization.

Richard White Planning Advisory Services Ltd. was engaged to update the School District’s Long Range Facilities Plan in 2018. A draft of the LRFP was presented before the Capital Planning Committee on May 30, 2018 for review and feedback. Key findings of the LFRP were used to identify project priorities for the Draft 2019/20 Five-Year Capital Plan intake submission.

The Major Capital Funding Programs include the following:

  • ‚ÄčSeismic Mitigation Program (SMP)
  • Expansion Program (EXP)
  • Replacement Program (REP)
  • Building Envelope Program (BEP)
  • ‚ÄčSchool Enhancement Program (SEP)
  • Carbon Neutral Capital Program (CNCP)
  • School Bus Replacement Program (BUS)
  • Playground Equipment Program (PEP)

The Major Capital Funding Programs for SMP, EXP, REP and BEP require projects to be prioritized based over a five-year budget horizon. The SEP, CNCP, BUS and PEP are annual programs only require funds to be identified for a single budget year.

2019/20 Five-Year Capital Plan & Priorities

The Capital Planning Committee met in May 2018 to review the May 2018 Long Range Facilities Plan, which was used to identify priorities for the Draft 2018/19 Five-Year Capital Plan.

Taking into account the LRFP, as well as the Ministry's emphasis on facilities condition and seismic ratings, the 2019/20 Five-Year Capital Plan identifies the following priorities in the tables below for each Category:

Seismic Mitigation Program (SMP)‚Ä®
Projects below are identified by priority per previous Ministry Seismic Assessments. The Argyle and Handsworth seismic replacement projects are no longer included in the Five-Year Capital Plan submission, as project funding agreements are now in place for both projects.

‚ÄčProject Priority
‚ÄčFacility Name
‚ÄčProject Code
‚ÄčProject Description
‚ÄčYear‚ÄčProject Cost
‚Äč1‚ÄčMountainside‚ÄčSMP‚ÄčH1 - Seismic Upgrade
‚Äč1$           23,640,448

School Expansion Projects (EXP)

Priority based on Long Range Facilities Plan and enrolment projections.

Project PriorityFacility NameProject CodeProject Description‚ÄčYearsProject Cost
1Cloverley SiteEXPNew 60K / 475 Capacity School
‚Äč1 - 3
$           21,645,615
2Carson Graham EXPExpand Capacity by 250‚Äč2 - 4
$           13,573,971
3Lynn Valley
Expand Capacity by 100
‚Äč2 - 4
$             4,360,382
‚Äč4‚ÄčWestview‚ÄčEXP‚ÄčExpand Capacity by 125
4 - 6‚Äč‚Äč$             5,450,478
‚Äč5‚ÄčQueen Mary
‚ÄčEXP‚ÄčExpand Capacity by 100
4 - 6
‚Äč$             4,360,382
‚Äč6‚ÄčHighlands‚ÄčEXP‚ÄčExpand Capacity by 75
‚Äč5 - 7
‚Äč$             4,360,382

School Replacement Projects (REP)

Priority based on a combination of facility condition with consideration to future enrolment pressures.

Project PriorityFacility NameProject CodeProject DescriptionYears‚ÄčProject Cost
Replace existing school with new larger 60K / 400 Capacity School
2 - 4
‚Äč$             20,693,171
Replace existing school with new larger 60K / 475 Capacity School
2 - 4
‚Äč$             22,625,802
Ross Road
Replace existing school with new larger 60K / 475 Capacity School
2 - 4
‚Äč$             22,459,455
Replace existing school with new larger 60K / 425 Capacity School
4 - 6
$             21,782,285‚Äč
Seymour Heights / Blueridge
Replace existing school with new larger 60K / 475 Capacity School
6 - 9
‚Äč6‚ÄčLynnmour‚ÄčREPReplace existing school with new larger 60K / 400 Capacity School‚Äč‚Äč6 - 9

Building Envelope Program (BEP)

This funding is subject to schools identified through a risk assessment report facilitated by BC Housing. The Ministry has advised that only Dorothy Lynas Elementary was eligible for consideration under the program, and they have advised to carry a project budget of $277,000.00. We have prioritized this item for the 2018/19 fiscal year.

School Enhancement Program (SEP)

Project call is for the 2018/19 year, and limited to five priorities. SEP projects are investments that will contribute to the safety and function of the school and will extend the life of the existing asset. Projects and priorities are identified with the use of the Ministry’s Capital Asset Management System, consulting reports, and Facilities staff input.

Project PriorityFacility Name
Project Code
Project Description
Project Cost
1Seymour Heights
Replace gas fired unit ventilation units which are at end of life with hydronic ventilators
$             277,500
2Upper Lynn
HVAC renewal and installation of classroom ventilation equipment
$             634,476
3Capilano / Windsor
Gym flooring renewal to address end of life replacement
$             333,000
Lighting retrofit of school including existing and emergency lighting
$             528,915
Sherwood Park
Replace north wing exterior envelope, windows, and roof
$             444,000

Carbon Neutral Capital Program (CNCP)

Project call is for 2019/20 year only, and limited to three priorities. Projects must contribute to measurable emissions reductions, operational cost savings, align with the capital asset management systems, equipment renewal period and LRFP.

Project Priority‚ÄčFacility Name
Project CodeProject DescriptionProject Cost
1‚ÄčCapilanoCNCPReplacement of one low efficiency boiler in each mechanical room with two individual high efficiency boilers, pumps, and DDC controls
$           290,000
2‚ÄčClevelandCNCPReplacement of the existing low efficiency boilers, with 2 high efficiency boilers, pumps, and DDC controls
$           190,000
3‚ÄčNorgateCNCPReplacement of the existing low efficiency boilers, complementing the heating pump upgrade project completed in 2015
$           180,000

School Bus Replacement Program (BUS)

Funding eligibility is based on school bus age, mileage, safety and mechanical issues. Although no buses in the School District meet these requirements, we have been encouraged to apply for funding by the Ministry, and have included a request to replace an existing 10-year-old bus.

Playground Equipment Program (PEP)

The Ministry's funding eligibility is based on new or replacement playground equipment. Prioritization is given to schools that do not currently have playground equipment, and where students do not have easy access to nearby playground equipment. School Districts may submit three prioritized requests for consideration. Funding options are available for either standard playground equipment $90,000, or universally accessible playground equipment $105,000.

The requests below are prioritized based on requests from schools and Facilities staff assessment of existing equipment age and condition.

‚ÄčProject Priority
‚ÄčFacility Name
‚ÄčNumber of Existing Playgrounds
‚ÄčProject Rationale
‚ÄčType of Equipment Request
2‚Äč‚ÄčLarson Elementary serves as a walkable hub for a diverse community bounded by several busy roads, limiting access to other local amenities. The school has 4 portables on site to meet enrollment needs and the two existing playgrounds are insufficient relative to the school population.
‚ÄčUniversally Accessible Playground Equipment
‚Äč2‚ÄčSherwood Park
‚Äč2‚ÄčSherwood Park Elementary has a large, diverse, and growing student population. The existing playground equipment does not fully support the current school population. The quantity and diversity of existing equipment limits availability and options for play.
‚ÄčUniversally Accessible Playground Equipment
‚Äč3‚ÄčBraemar‚Äč2‚ÄčBraemar Elementary's existing playground equipment does not fully support the current school's large population. Existing equipment lacks diversity, and ground oriented options for play, resulting in cramped, non-inclusive play spaces.
‚Äč‚ÄčUniversally Accessible Playground Equipment

Capital Planning Timelines

Capital Planning timelines for the coming year are provided in the table below.

Capital Planning Timelines ‚Äč
June 19, 2018
Presentation at Public Board Meeting of DRAFT 2018/19 Five-Year Capital Plan priorities and timelines for Board consideration and adoption.
June 30, 2018Due date for boards of education to submit 2019/20 Five-Year Capital Plan to Ministry complete with Board Resolution adopting the plan.
July 2018 ‚Äď December 2018Ministry reviews all capital plan submissions and applies eligibility criteria to requested capital projects and provincially ranks eligible capital projects.
January 2019 - March 2019
  • Ministry develops and approves recommended project list for inclusion in the Ministry Capital Plan
  • Government approval granted for Ministry Capital Plan
  • Ministry issues Capital Plan Response Letters (as well as annual programs funding agreement) to school districts
  • School districts submit Board-adopted Capital Plan Bylaws to the Ministry