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Students sitting in a circle outside on grass listening to a teacher demonstration. 

Education Assistants

Three backs of students looking at one Education Assistant. 

Supervision Aides

Outside on a playground with a bench full of backpacks. 


A custodian sanitizes a push plate for an automatic door. 

To apply to the North Vancouver School District please visit Make A Future.

The North Vancouver School District provides world-class instruction and a rich diversity of engaging programs to inspire success for every student and bring communities together to learn, share and grow. As a school district with over 15,000 students, their parents and caregivers, and more than 2,500 staff, there is a strong sense of community.

Shared values set the tone for how we relate to one another in pursuing common goals, assist us in demonstrating consistent and fair leadership, and guide us in working collaboratively and productively to realize our vision. Our core values of trust, responsibility, respect and collaboration form the foundation of our work. 

With our focus on ‘Great Schools’ as Vibrant Learning Communities, progressive approach to instruction, firm belief in inclusive education, advocacy for Indigenizing learning, and emphasis on social emotional learning, the North Vancouver School District really is the natural place to learn, share and grow and thrive.

Please refer to our Employment FAQ to help you apply.

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