North Vancouver School District
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B.C. Teaching Certificate

The North Vancouver School District values the professional experience you've gained outside of B.C. However, to work in any school district in B.C., you will first need to obtain your B.C. Teaching Certification and Teacher Qualification Service (TQS).

The B.C. Teaching Certification is acquired through the Teacher Regulation Board of B.C. For more information on the process and the steps required to apply, please visit Teaching in British Columbia.

If you are planning to work in the B.C. public school system, you also need to apply to the Teacher Qualification Service (TQS) for a category that helps determine your salary level. A copy of your teaching certificate will automatically be sent to the TQS.

Plan Ahead. If you are moving to B.C. from another province or from outside of Canada, please apply six months to one year before you arrive.