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Public Meeting Videos

At the September 19, 2017 Public Board Meeting, the Board of Education approved staff to move forward with the Live Streaming and Video Recording of meetings. As of April 24, 2018, all meetings will be recorded and posted within the week of the meeting.

To watch live, tune in to this link at the time of a board meeting:

If you have any questions about the recordings, please contact the Secretary Treasurer’s Office

2017/2018 School Year PUBLIC MEETINGS

Public Board Meeting Video April 24, 2018

This is an audio recording of the April 24, 2018 Public Board Meeting.

Audio Recording


​Public Board Meeting Video May 22, 2018

​Video File


​Public Board Meeting Video June 19, 2018


Public Board Meeting Video June 20, 2018

Public Board Meeting Video June 27, 2018
​Public Board Meeting
Video September 25, 2018
Public Board Meeting Video October 16, 2018