North Vancouver School District
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Healthy Food Supports

Having ongoing access to nutritious food at school builds safety and equity for students so they are ready to learn and play.

The North Vancouver School District (NVSD) recognizes there are students who do not have consistent access to nutritious food and who occasionally or regularly may forget to eat breakfast or bring lunch and snacks to school.

Through universal, targeted and intensive programs, and with the support of community partners, the school district is making healthy, nutritious food available to all students, while honouring individual needs.

The diverse range of food programs reflects the needs in each school community and the fact that every school knows how to support students and their learning needs best.

We are continually growing our food literacy to support healthy learners in the North Vancouver School District.

Learn More

  • Healthy Futures Presentation (Public Board Meeting, October 24, 2023)
  • PACs. To schedule a Healthy Futures presentation during a PAC meeting, please reach out to your school principal.


Please connect with Tine Parker, District Vice Principal, Healthy Futures.