North Vancouver School District
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About School Catchments

School catchment areas ensure that each school has the capacity to accommodate the anticipated enrolment of students in its catchment area. School catchment areas have been determined after due consideration of all relevant factors, including the accommodation available in the schools, the accessibility of the schools to the students, and the safety of students going to and from school.

Refer to the School Locator and enter your residence to determine your school catchment area.

Disclaimer: Please note that in the occasional situation where there is a discrepancy between the map and the School Locator, the School Locator will be used.

Click on the map image for PDF version that can be enlarged: NVSD44_SchoolCatchments_Sept2019.pdf

What is a Family of Schools (FOS)?

Schools in North Vancouver are organized into families of schools with each of the six secondary schools serving as a geographical catchment made up of a number of elementary schools. Please click HERE for more information about each Family of Schools.