North Vancouver School District
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In the North Vancouver School District, we encourage imagination, inquisitiveness, and a commitment to the arts, as we believe they are essential to developing well-rounded citizens. Our rich drama programs, which include acting, theatre and film production, directing, and script development, foster students’ passions and talents.   

Elementary and secondary drama programs allow students to engage with the arts and with each other in dynamic ways that give them invaluable and lifelong skills and opportunities. Students:​

  • Use creative expression to explore identity and belonging both independently and collaboratively.
  • Are encouraged to explore the experiences of others from a variety of times, places, and cultures.
  • Discover the world and how to express their thoughts and emotions in new and creative ways. 
  • Learn about perspective taking.
  • Gain crucial skills in public speaking and teamwork.

The First Peoples Principles of Learning is built into the K-12 drama curriculum and aids in the social, intellectual, and emotional growth of students. As students progress through the curriculum, emphasis is placed on community and collective responsibility in order to create artistic works together. 

Connecting with peers through unique experiences in the creation of theatre and film productions is unlike any other school project. Drama showcases the performative and artistic talents of the students to the larger community through a variety of performance opportunities such as plays, musicals, films, and more.  

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