North Vancouver School District
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Accessibility Act

The Accessible British Columbia Act provides organizations, including school districts, a framework to identify, remove, and prevent barriers to accessibility. The legislation is an important step to make B.C. a more accessible province for all.

Our Commitment

The North Vancouver School District is committed to enhancing our welcoming, safe and inclusive culture and learning environment for all members of our community.

Part of this commitment involves working collaboratively with the community to provide equitable opportunities for people with disabilities across our teaching and learning environments, workplaces and community spaces.

With support and guidance from the Accessibility Committee, we commit:

  • To engaging with students, staff, parents/caregivers, community members, and people with disabilities in the development and review of our Accessibility Plan.
  • To ensuring our policies and procedures align with the principles of accessibility.
  • To continually improving access to facilities, policies, programs, practices and services.

Accessibility Plan

We invite the community to review the North Vancouver School District's 3-year Accessibility Plan, which is effective September 1, 2023.


We also invite the community's feedback and comments on the Accessibility Plan, and any barriers experienced in interacting with the school district, by completing the Accessibility Feedback form.

In addition to, or in lieu of, completing the Accessibility Feedback form, feedback can be emailed to This option supports sending feedback by video, voice recording or photo. 

Consideration of the ongoing identification of barriers will be the responsibility of the Accessibility Committee and will, wherever practical, be incorporated into the school district's Accessibility Plan.