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Capital Projects

The Minister of Education authorizes the Board of Education to proceed with agreed-to particulars of a supported capital project, including project scope, schedule, and integrated project plan.  The capital project may support the acquisition of a site, the construction of a new school facility, or the expansion, renovation, or replacement of an existing facility.


Under a Capital Project Funding Agreement (CPFA), the Ministry of Education is the funding authority and the Board of Education takes the role of the owner and project developer.


All provincially funded capital projects require a capital bylaw adopted by the Board to allow the School District to access funds through a Certificate of Approval system.


There are four types of capital projects:

  1. Ministry-funded capital projects
  2. Joint capital projects, consisting of a capital plan project and local capital project
  3. Local capital project, financed through the Board's local capital reserve, local revenue, school referendum taxes, or the Board's operating grant or another grant designated by the Minister of Education
  4. Annual Facility Grant (AFG) projects.  Based on student enrolment and the average age of a school district's facilities, the Ministry of Education provides a supplementary funding source for projects that extend the life of existing facilities; e.g., roof replacements, mechanical and electrical upgrades, networks, health and safety upgrades, etc. 

More information about Current Capital Planning Resources is available on the Ministry of Education website.

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