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Community Report 2024

We are pleased to share with you the North Vancouver School District Community Report!

The Community Report is published each spring. It is one way in which we share and celebrate with our community the progress the North Vancouver School District is making in pursuit of our vision to provide world-class instruction and a rich diversity of engaging programs to inspire success for every student and bring communities together to learn, share and grow.

The stories you'll read show how we are bringing to life our strategic plan. Bold and aspirational, the strategic plan is a blueprint that frames where we would like to go and how we plan to get there.

While reviewing the report's content, we hope you recognize how much the North Vancouver School District community has achieved together to provide for students and staff teaching and learning environments where we can all learn, share, grow and thrive.

Stories like the ones you're about to read are published regularly on our Learn, Share & Grow blog, so be sure to visit the site often. Enjoy!

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