North Vancouver School District
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Outdoor Learning

โ€‹Outdoor Learning-Boy in Ferns.jpgAs the Natural Place to Learn, the North Vancouver School District (NVSD) has long recognized the importance of outdoor and place-based learning in supporting engaging and relevant student experiences and shaping school culture. Situated between two watersheds and framed by mountains, rivers and a coastal fjord, NVSD is blessed with an abundance of diverse outdoor learning spaces, a mild climate, and a deeply-rooted outdoor culture. Our school sites and nearby community spaces provide opportunities for experiential learning through enhanced features including interactive playgrounds, outdoor classrooms, and learning gardens. Extending teaching and learning into natural outdoor spaces provides opportunities for relevant and integrated curricular activities that support the core competencies -- communication, thinking, and personal and social proficiencies. In addition, outdoor experiential approaches allow for active student-centred learning while promoting physical health and literacy through movement.




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