North Vancouver School District
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Vision, Values and Goals


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Instructional Practice

We provide meaningful assessment and relevant instruction to support the success of every student and, to ensure this outcome, encourage professional growth for all staff.

Community Connections

We thrive on bringing people together through collaboration and responsive partnerships that strengthen communities and contribute to the needs of students and society.

Integrated Communities

We build strong, trusting relationships that develop the confidence and sensitivity needed to share ideas and create solutions within our schools, families of schools and school district.


We build trust, respect and mutual understanding through open, proactive communications that convey the achievements and challenges of the school district.

Sharing & Celebrating Success

We proudly honour individual and collective accomplishments that inspire all of us to pursue and achieve success.

Program Diversity

We provide a diverse range of programs that reflect the values and interest of our community.


We strive to provide welcoming, safe and sustainable facilities that enhance the learning and teaching environment.

Information & Communication Technology

We provide seamless and appropriate information and communication technology to serve all aspects of learning and to support our operations.​