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Communicating Student Learning: Reporting
Letter to Parents/Guardians
Please click here to view the letter to parents/guardians regarding Communicating Student Learning (Reporting).
Letter to Parents/Guardians

Please click here to view the letter to parents/guardians regarding Communicating Student Learning (Reporting).

This section of our website provides parents with important information regarding communicating student learning in the North Vancouver School District. On the side navigation panel, information is available regarding our school district's vision and principles in relation to reporting, the core competencies, and the performance standards and grading. Below, is information relating to report cards.

About Communicating Student Learning

Communicating student learning is a vital component of the learning process and fundamental to student success. Communicating student learning is an ongoing process throughout the school year that involves the teacher, the student and the  parent. The assessment information communicated will be descriptive in nature, and include suggestions on how to improve student learning and parental support. This communication can occur in a  number of ways: from  traditional report cards to  conferencing to electronic communication.

The BC Ministry of Education requires that schools communicated with parents regarding their children's learning at three times a year. In North Vancouver, teachers provide a formative snapshot of student learning two times a year, with a third and final summative report card in June. All three report cards describe what the student knows (content), can do (curricular competencies), and understands (transfer of big ideas and concepts).

Assessment Tools

In North Vancouver, teachers use a variety of assessment tools designed to improve student learning. Teachers regularly communicate with students about their learning through formative feedback. Formative feedback and assessment provides ongoing direction to students to assist in shaping their leaning paths. It is an integral part of the teaching process and enables staff to tailor their efforts, as they are teaching, to support the needs of their students.

Summative assessments are used to communicate  information about student progress in relation to expected learning outcomes at a specific time in relation to the curricular competencies. Summative assessments are typically associated with tests and report cards and provide an indication for students and parents as to where the student is in their learning: what they know, what they understand and what they are able to do.


​2018/19 Reporting Dates
​First reporting period​September 5 - November 30
​Report cards posted​December  10 - 14
​Second reporting period​December 3 - February 28
​Report cards posted​March 4 - 8
​Third reporting period​March 1 - June 21
​Report cards posted​June 26

K-9 Report Card Information

  • Cumulative Marking
    • The level of proficiency (performance standard or letter grade) on your child's report card represents your child's progress and growth from September to the reporting date. This level is indicative of where the student is  presently in their learning.
  • Career Education
    • Grades K-5 receive comments with a description of progress in relation to the learning standards on the June report card only.
    • Grades 6-9 receive comments and letter grades on each report card.
  • ADST (Applied Design, Skills and Technology) course
    • Grades K-5 receive comments with a description of progress in relation to the learning standards on the June report card only.
    • Grades 6-9 receive comments and letter grades on each report card.
  • Self-Assessment of the Core Competencies
    • Over the course of the year, your child will be working on the three Core Competencies: Thinking, Communication and Personal and Social Responsibility
    • Your child's self-assessment of the Core Competencies will be completed and electronically uploaded in June. Parent access details will be distributed in June.

Grade 10 - 12 Report Card Information


For questions related to:

  • technical issues accessing your child's report card, please contact your child's school office.
  • the content of your child's report card, please contact your child's teacher(s).
  • the Core Competencies Self-Assessment, please contact your child's teacher(s).
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