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Core Competencies

What are the Core Competencies?

The Core Competencies are at the centre of the redesign of British Columbia's curriculum and assessment. Core Competencies are sets of intellectual, personal, social and emotional skills that all students need to develop in order to engage in deep and meaningful learning.

These competencies are not taught independently; they are integrated on a daily basis into teachers' lessons. The Core Competencies are embedded within the Big Ideas in all curricular areas and allow for students to develop and connect these key skills across all three areas.The three Core Competencies are:


How is student progress assessed on the Core Competencies?

Students have opportunities throughout the year to self-assess and describe who they are as learners, document their progress, and share their accomplishments in a holistic manner. Through this ongoing process, students will develop the ability to reflect, set goals, identify their strengths and areas for improvement, and gain greater responsibility and ownership of and for their learning. Self-assessment of the Core Competencies brings together learning in a way that profiles the uniqueness and individuality of each learner.

Teachers and administrators support students' understanding of themselves as communicators, thinkers, and personally aware and socially responsible citizens by consistently noticing, naming, and nurturing the Core Competencies and connecting them to what the students  are learning.

The year-end student self-assessment does not require teachers to evaluate students in relation to the Core Competencies, as it is owned by the students. Students, teachers, and schools have flexibility and choice in the format of the year-end self-assessment, ensuring that it is meaningful and age appropriate.

In late May/early June, parents will receive an email with instructions on how to access their child's self-assessment on the Scholantis Portal. The year-end report card will also include a comment that acknowledges the student has completed the required self-assessment of the Core Competencies.

We encourage families to review the self-assessment with their child, focusing on both accomplishments and future goals.

For more information about the Core Competencies, please visit:

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