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North Vancouver School District
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Ready, Set, Learn

About Ready, Set, Learn

blur-child-classroom-256468.jpgThe Ready, Set, Learn initiative is aimed at helping preschoolers get ready for school. It recognizes that families need to establish positive connections with schools and early learning community partners who provide resources and information.

When you attend one of the North Vancouver School District’s Ready, Set, Learn events, your child will enjoy play based language and literacy activities

For more information on the Ready, Set, Learn program, please visit

Upcoming Ready, Set, Learn Events

Please click on the image or link below to view the list of upcoming Ready, Set, Learn events happening throughout North Vancouver.

2020 Ready Set Learn Poster - Feb 18th.jpg

2020 Ready, Set, Learn Poster - Link to Printable PDF


If you have questions about the Ready, Set, Learn initiative at the North Vancouver School District, please contact:

Anne Lawson
Principal, Early Learning/Early Literacy
Email: Anne Lawson