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Ways to support French Immersion learning at home

Stay positive

Keep a positive attitude towards learning. Offer support, encouragement, and praise efforts to boost confidence in using the French language. Encourage the daily sharing of learning with you.

Practice reading strategies

Ask open-ended questions about the book before, during and after reading. Ask your child about their favourite part of the book and if any parts of the book reminded them of anything. Ask them to retell the story (beginning, middle and end) to you.

Engage in oral language activities

Children often write the way they speak. Therefore, look for proper pronunciation of words (in all languages). Encourage them to speak in full sentences. Engage in meaningful conversations with them.

Offer experiences that support French learning

Visit a local French restaurant or the French section at your public library. Look for French cultural events or festivals in your area. Stream familiar shows in French and add French subtitles.

Encourage French speaking with their peers

Positive reinforcement can boost your child’s confidence and motivation to continue using the language with their peers.

Read, read, read - Encourage French reading

Encourage your child to read often in French and in their home language. Have them tell you about what they have read.

Foster the love of learning

Explore your child’s passions and interests at home in your preferred language.

Read a variety of materials

Encourage your child to read a variety of texts, including magazines, flyers, information books, picture books, graphic novels, and novels in French.

Establish an after-school routine

Help your child set up a regular after school routine to review their assignments and complete homework. Ask your child questions about their learning to stay informed. 

Seek out language resources


Take a look at the following posters for Primary and Intermediate students.

Ways to Support FI Learning at Home (Primary).png Ways to Support FI Learning (Intermediate).png