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Arts Education

Creativity begins here​, together

The vibrancy and inclusive access to Art Education in our schools and community is like no other. The strength of our community within the Arts continues to foster a strong sense of belonging for our students, educators and families, by placing positive and supportive relationships as the priority in all that we do.  As a District team, we are immensely proud to be part of this community.

With this, our relationships have taught us that learning is personal.

In the Arts, we use story to invite us to wonder and inquire. We use story to learn and grow. Learning is personal in our classrooms, in our gallery and concert halls, and in our community. The Arts continue to place students, and each other, at the heart of learning - by encouraging agency and engagement.

We embrace the First Peoples Principles of Learning to guide us in our teaching and learning and are thankful for our NVSD Indigenous Education team encouraging us to, Go Forward with Courage. Our storytelling gives us the opportunity to practice patience, respect, and curiosity, allowing us to begin to understand each other’s place and community.

Our gallery is our place, beyond the vibrant schools. It is a welcoming place for our community to share their stories and to learn from each other.  It is a place of memory and experience that we are incredibly grateful to have to welcome our community across the district.

The District Arts Education Learning Services Team, supports all K-12 Arts Education in the North Vancouver School District. The BC Arts Education Curricula includes 58 Areas of Learning grades 10-12, as well as general Arts Education, K-9.

Our Team’s continued advocacy and targeted professional development for educators, strives to ensure that the Arts in North Vancouver Schools is supported, by providing intentional and universal professional development opportunities to educators, strengthening our collective district vision and goals.

Our District Arts Education Team supports multiple venues of celebration within our district by overseeing arts festivals and exhibitions district wide, which include dance, drama, music and visual arts, all with the intent to foster exceptional learning environments for our community to grow and learn through the lens of Arts Education.

NVSD Arts Education supports enrichment for our community through two exemplary and unique programs that have served our schools and community for over 30 years: Artists for Kids and the NVSD Elementary Band and Strings Program.

District Arts Education is committed to continue to create a bridge that supports our students to develop the knowledge, skills and self-confidence as learners beyond their school environment while building positive, engaged communities to support learning, including bringing multiple career options for our students.

With all of this, we will continue to place front and center, appreciation of how individual differences make our lives more meaningful, for the ability to share and celebrate these differences, is the foundation of the arts.

As a District Team, we are privileged to serve and to support the Arts by providing experiences for all learners to find success and belonging within the arts.

Artists for Kids


Artists for Kids, supports multiple levels of school and community programming, through the lens of the visual arts and the Smith Gallery, funded by layered fundraising initiatives which range from print sales to securing multiple grants throughout the year.

​Band and Strings

Sherwood Pk Band.DoubleExposure-5153.jpg 

The Elementary Band and Strings program offers a wonderful opportunity for students to receive instrumental instruction in a group setting and represents the start of an exciting musical journey that they can follow through to the end of their secondary school years.

Art from 44

The virtual exhibition ​Art from 44, showcases work from schools across the district. This display of colour, creativity, and learning is a highlight of our year. As we view these great works of art, we see expressions of play, connections to place, explorations of emotion and wellness, the honing of craftsmanship, and many rich histories and teachings conveyed. Click the image to view this years exhibition.

Design 4_A44.jpeg

Young Artist of the Week

The Young Artist of the Week program provides valuable recognition to our student artists and raises public awareness of the importance of arts education in our schools.​ Click through to see a showcase of the districts outstanding young artists.


Arts Education Team

Allison Kerr, District Principal of Arts Education

Daylen Luchsinger, District Vice Principal of Arts Education 

Bruce Sled, Program Coordinator, Elementary Band and Strings

Amelia Epp, District Teacher, Visual Art Education