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Updated: September 28, 2023

The North Vancouver School District (NVSD) actively and regularly invests in our school and site buildings to support safe and comfortable teaching and learning environments for students, staff and visitors.

All heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems throughout the NVSD are operated and maintained to meet Ministry of Education and Child Care Guidance for HVAC Systems. HVAC systems are scheduled for reoccurring preventive maintenance following every 3 months of operation, which includes inspection of all service points including filter replacement.

To support the NVSD's commitment to ensure schools are safe for our learning community, the following additional measures have been taken:

  • All classrooms, including portables and modular structures are mechanically ventilated.
  • All air handling systems in each school, which have the potential to recirculate air from occupied spaces, have MERV 13 filters installed with the exception of dedicated outdoor air systems. Outdoor air systems, which include energy recovery ventilators and make up air units, directly introduce outdoor (fresh) air and are equipped with MERV 10 filters.
  • All ventilation systems have been programmed district-wide to increase the supply of outdoor air to all instructional spaces. Dedicated exhaust ventilation has been added to all first aid rooms.

Furthermore, the NVSD has a robust building automation system that continuously monitors air distribution and energy use throughout the school district and verifies the operational integrity of all systems. An automated report is generated daily to identify any emergent system issues prior to occupancy, and if an issue is identified, work orders are generated and dispatched to our Facilities and Planning team to resolve.

In accordance with the Ministry of Education and Child Care requirement, the NVSD has completed ventilation overviews for all schools and they are available below.

Please note that this information is current as of September 2023 and will not be updated. The school district continues to complete regularly scheduled preventive maintenance on all ventilation systems, which includes filter replacement, after every 3 months of operation.

​Elementary Schools:

Secondary Schools:

Other sites:​


Should you have any questions about HVAC systems at the NVSD, please contact Facilities and Planning at