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North Vancouver School District
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Student Records Requests

If you are an active student, or graduating during the current school year, please read the BC Ministry of Education's Transcript Information for Active Students before placing an order for a transcript through the North Vancouver School District.


Student Records Requests

Requests for certified copies of the Ministry of Education Transcript of Grades or the Permanent Student Record Card can be made through the Records Management Department, provided that the last public school attended within the Province of BC was in North Vancouver School District.

Schools may issue transcripts upon request and have the authority to correct errors and omissions. If the school is not in session or has since closed, the Records Management Department may be able to assist you with your request.

At the end of July, regardless of graduation status, the Ministry issues a transcript to all Grade 12 and adult education program students who have successfully completed at least one Grade 12 course.

Schools and post-secondary institutions designated by students on Post-Secondary Institution (PSI) Choices Forms automatically receive an official printed or electronic copy of the student's transcript from the BC Ministry of Education.

Additional Transcript and Student Record Information

A transcript is a listing of a student's academic record relating to a BC Graduation Program, which includes courses completed successfully, grades earned, honours received, and graduation status.

A certificate, diploma, or Dogwood is a document showing that a student has completed a BC Graduation Program.

A Permanent Student Record Card (PSR) is a document showing the record of schooling and marks attained by a student. A student's educational record follows the student as she/he progresses through the British Columbia public school system. Therefore, it is important to know the name of the last school the student attended. More information: BC Ministry of Education Permanent Student Record Order.

Locating Your Record

Would you like to order a GED transcript and/or GED certificate? Did you not receive your certificate (or diploma) when you graduated?
You can order your record online through the Ministry of Education's website.

Do you need a copy of your marks but did not complete your secondary school education?
Please complete and submit the Request for School Records.

Do you need a Student Letter of Attendance?
Please complete and submit the Request for Student/School Information Letter. Please contact us at and include the following information:
    1. Student's full legal name and maiden name, if applicable 
    2. Student's date of birth
    3. Student's Personal Education Number (PEN), if known
    4. Your contact information; i.e., phone/cell numbers and mailing address
    5. The name of the school in North Vancouver School District that the student last attended
    6. The date (month and year) that the student last attended the school.
Is there an error or omission on your transcript?
Please contact us at with details of the error or omission and include all of the following information:
    1. The student's legal name and maiden name, if applicable
    2. The student's date of birth
    3. The student's Personal Education Number (PEN), if known
    4. Your contact information; i.e., phone/cell numbers and mailing address
    5. The name of the school in North Vancouver School District that the student last attended
    6. The date (month and year) that the student last attended the school.

Requests for School Records

If you wish to request your records for your own personal use, such as an employment application or registration at another educational institution, please complete and submit the Request for School Records form.

Consent to Release

If you wish to grant access to your records to a third party, such as a legal firm, ICBC or other agency, please complete and submit the Consent to Release Information to a Third Party Form.

Questions or Require Further Assistance?

Please contact the Records Management Department at