North Vancouver School District
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Board Committees and Assignments

Standing and Ad Hoc Committees

To facilitate comprehensive discussion of school district matters, the Board has standing committees and ad hoc committees. Recommendations resulting from the business of the standing committee meetings will be forwarded by the Standing Committee Chair to the Board for consideration. The Board’s standing committees are Education and Programs, Finance and Facilities, and Towards the Future for Schools. The Standing Committees are publicly held meetings.  For the annual schedule of meetings, with dates, times, and locations, please click here. The Board invites parents, educational partner groups, and the community to attend its public meetings.

Liaison Assignments

Liaison assignments provide an opportunity for increased communication between Trustees and residents of the schools' communities. The assignment of a Trustee to a "family of schools" shall be for a school year, July 1 to June 30. Following the Board’s meeting in June of each year, the Chair of the Board will assign each Trustee to a liaison area consisting of a secondary school and its surrounding elementary schools (family of schools). Family of school assignments shall be rotated among Trustees each year. 

To view each Trustee's liaison and representational assignments, please click on the Trustee's name or photo.

Representational Assignments

In those instances where the maintenance of external relationships is considered essential to Board effectiveness or where representation is required by legislation or contract, the Board Chair will assign individual Trustees to represent the perspective of the Board on internal and external committees, organizations, or agencies. Following the Board’s meeting in December of each year, and subject to approval of the Board, the Chair of the Board may, for a calendar year, appoint Trustees to representational assignments.