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French Immersion Programs

​French Immersion is a French-language learning program available to all students in the North Vancouver School District. It is designed for non-French-speaking students who wish to attain a high level of proficiency in both official languages. The North Vancouver School District offers an Early French Immersion Program, as well as a Late French Immersion Program

Students are immersed in the French language within the classroom where French is used for meaningful communication and for instruction in all subject areas.

The goal of the North Vancouver School District's French Immersion Program is to produce well-educated, functionally-bilingual students.  Students in the program achieve a level of learning in all subject areas equivalent to that achieved by students in the English program.

French Immersion students develop strong communication skills in both French and English. They also develop a knowledge and understanding about the structure of language that may enable them to learn other languages more easily.

Subject to space availability and the requirements of our enrolment and registration process, Early French Immersion students begin the program in Kindergarten (or in some cases, the beginning of Grade 1) and continue on through to Grade 12. All instruction is in French for the first three years (Kindergarten to Grade 2). Formal instruction in English begins in Grade 3 and represents 20% of instructional time through to Grade 7. The percentage of French instruction decreases gradually as students proceed through the secondary grades to allow for flexibility in course selection, while ensuring the maintenance of a high level of proficiency in French. 

French Immersion is a District program with no specific catchment areas. The Program is reviewed regularly to provide equity of access for all children and to maintain a balanced enrolment across the North Vancouver School District.

French Immersion Feeder Schools

Larson Elementary and Ross Road Elementary > Argyle Secondary

Braemar Elementary and Cleveland Elementary > Handsworth Secondary

Dorothy Lynas Elementary and Sherwood Park Elementary > Windsor Secondary


For student registration procedures, please see Student Registration on the North Vancouver School District website.


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