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DSC_0259.jpgMusic enriches our lives every day. A music education enriches a student’s school experience in every way. When given the opportunity to create music with others, students develop intellectual, personal, and social and emotional proficiencies that they need in order to engage in deep, lifelong learning.

The North Vancouver School District offers students and families a wealth of outstanding instrumental and choral programs. Through both individual and ensemble music making experiences, students from K-12 in our district are given opportunities to build developmentally appropriate technical and expressive abilities and to explore their innate musicality. As they engage in the collaborative and emotional practice of singing and playing with others, students build meaningful relationships and develop their creativity in a safe and encouraging environment. Their involvement in their music community fosters feelings of trust, respect, and responsibility that set the stage for greater openness, curiosity, resilience, and care for others.

Students can begin their musical journey in elementary, developing foundational instrumental and vocal skills through explorations with a wide variety of classroom instruments and singing. Students may then choose to pursue choir, band, and/or strings as they progress through high school music programs. North Vancouver high schools offer students a variety of ensemble experiences, including Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, Vocal Jazz, and Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Guitar, all of which prepare students for continued engagement with music later on in life.

Music brings diverse members of a community together, fostering connection, collaboration, and creativity. It also evokes the humanity of learning, allowing students to delve into and reflect on the human experience, expand their capacity for empathy through connecting musically with others, and gather the courage it takes to express oneself and put more beauty out into the world. Students who are emboldened to take creative risks gain resilience, and develop the desire to take on greater responsibility and leadership beyond the walls of their music classroom. They become powerful voices in their communities, leading with the courage and compassion that they develop as musicians.​

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