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Dance 1.jpgDance is vitality. There is something extraordinary about dancing and its ability to make us feel alive. Throughout history, dance has served as an expression of our human development. Dance allows us to communicate in ways that words cannot. Students learn important lessons that help them in all areas of their lives, including social skills, self-confidence, and emotional and kinaesthetic awareness. Dance tremendously improves students' physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, which is why the NVSD recognizes dance as an integral part of our K-12 curriculum.

Dance is knowledge. We enrich our lives through creative expression and build new ideas through embodied practice. Students gain a better understanding of themselves as individuals. They develop focus, resilience and healthy ways to express themselves through physical movement. At the same time, dancing builds positive relationships by providing an opportunity to come together in a shared experience. We deepen our understanding of one another through teamworkcommunication, and collaboration. Dance connects us to each other in a profound and meaningful way.

Dance is inclusive. NVSD values diversity in our schools and community. Dance is a creative outlet for students to express themselves in a safe and inclusive environment. Students are taught to recognize the strengths that each person brings to the classroom. They are encouraged to appreciate the unique differences in each other. Dance takes on many forms, meanings, traditions, aesthetics and attitudes. We believe that all students should explore a variety of dance genres to gain a better understanding of diverse perspectives. We have much to share and learn from one another. Dancing builds a stronger learning community in our district.

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