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Land Management Guiding Principles

September 2012

The Land Management Guiding Principles incorporate key themes identified through the Land, Learning and Livability community engagement and consultation process, and the input provided at a Trustee Seminar in September 2012.  The Board of Education adopted the Revised Guiding Principles to the Surplus Land Retention and Disposition Strategy, 2011, at the Public Board Meeting on September 18, 2012.

Revised Guiding Principles (September 2012)

The North Vancouver Board of Education will consider the following guiding principles in the management of its land assets:
  1. Recognizing that all School District properties are valued community assets, we will consult with the community as part of our process to realize the maximum social and financial value of these assets.

  2. Balancing current and future School District needs by aligning our decision-making with our Strategic Plan and implementing options ranging from short, medium and long-term leases. Retaining properties and limiting outright sales will provide flexibility to accommodate potential future enrolment growth.

  3. Obtaining maximum financial returns while pursuing creative, holistic solutions for broad-based community objectives of affordable housing, recreation, green space, childcare and other emerging community needs. We will do this with consideration of the Official Community Plans of the respective municipality.

  4. Repurposing School District lands through the strategic use of long term land leases to address evolving community needs such as affordable housing, recreation, green space, and childcare.

  5. Giving preference to proposals that support the Board of Education's strategic goals and priorities, where all other criteria have been met, for the lease/sale of properties.

  6. Managing proceeds from land leases and sales to further enhance the student learning experience. We will do this, in part, by directing proceeds to support a significant endowment fund for the School District.

  7. Directing proceeds and endowment funds, where necessary, to adequately fund capital projects that are not eligible for government funding.