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School Cash Online Parent Tips & Resources

What is School Cash Online?

School Cash Online is a web-based solution that gives parents the ability to pay for student items online, as well as to complete school district permission forms. Click on the School Cash Online logo below to access the site.


Parent Help

Please see below for a tip sheet to help with the technical aspects of accessing the School Cash Online site. 

Note: this is a different login from MyEducation BC.

School Cash Online (SCO) - Tip Sheet

Instructions for Parents - 2018.06.07.jpg

Parent Benefits

  • Convenient - Make secure payments online, anywhere, and anytime
  • Easy to use - Fill your shopping cart and checkout
  • Saves time - No more standing in line at the school.  Register in five minutes and pay online
  • Secure - The KEV Group website is protected and PCI compliant
  • Increased convenience - No need to carry money to school
  • Go Green - Reduced need for traditional printed forms and information sheets