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Scholantis Portal Parent Tips & Resources

The Scholantis Portal is a secured technology system that the North Vancouver School District uses as its internal intranet. While used primary with staff, all students also have an account on the Scholantis Portal. The student account is used for elementary school students' self-assessments of the core competencies. The Scholantis Portal can also be used by teachers for various educational purposes such as internal teacher websites used with students. The system is also used for broader elementary student portfolios by some teachers and schools. All students also have access to a Student Opportunities section within the Scholantis Portal where various community opportunities, such as youth leadership camps, jobs, volunteer opportunities, summer/spring break programs, and the like, are posted.

School offices and teachers have the login information for their students. If parents/students do not receive the login information from their teacher(s)/school, they can request it from the school's office. The Scholantis Portal login is the same as the Office 365 login.

Check out the documents below for information and tips about the Scholantis Portal for parents and students, including:

  • Parents: How to Access and View Student Portfolios
  • Students: How to Use the Portal for Self-Assessment of Core Competencies & Evidence of Learning (Portfolio)