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MyEd BC Privacy

The MyEducation BC service and data are housed in secure data centres in Kelowna and Regina. No student data is stored outside of Canada. Production data for MyEducation BC is stored in a secure data centre in Kelowna and managed by the service provider, Fujitsu Consulting (Canada). A secondary data centre is maintained by Fujitsu Consulting (Canada) in Regina, which is used for hosting training and support databases and is a backup site for disaster recovery purposes.

MyEducation BC is accessed via a web browser using server-side 128-bit SSL encryption. Public schools are connected to data centres through the Provincial Learning Network (SPANBC) and the Next Generation Network (NGN), managed by the province. Connections between data centres and service centres use dedicated circuits that are routed entirely through Canada. School employees working from home, parents and students access MyEducation BC over the internet. All network traffic uses 128-bit SSL encryption.

Scope of record access is determined by user roles that are managed by school districts. Only North Vancouver School District​ employees that need access to MyEducation BC accounts to do their jobs have access, such as teachers inputting report card information for their specific students. Accounts are password protected for parental access, and passwords must be changed every 90 days.