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Microsoft 365 Parent Tips & Resources

The North Vancouver School District uses Microsoft 365 to provide all students with an email account and seven gigabytes of online file storage for student documents. Students have unique secure logins and passwords. Microsoft 365 accounts are used for various educational purposes, such as students working collaboratively on Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote projects, and file sharing documents with teachers. Elementary school level accounts are restricted to emailing within the North Vancouver School District Microsoft 365 environment; emails from/to outside the North Vancouver School District are disabled. The North Vancouver School District only uses elements of the Microsoft 365 suite that are housed in Canada.

School offices and teachers have the login information for their students. If parents/students do not receive the login information from their teacher(s)/school, they can request it from the school's office. Microsoft 365 also allows all students to download the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) on their home computers for free.

Passwords should be changed on first use. Change your password HERE

Microsoft 365 - Home Installation + Frequently Asked Questions.pdf
7/14/2023 12:27 PMFraser SP
Microsoft 365 - OneDrive Sync Installation.pdf
6/7/2023 12:02 PMFraser SP
Microsoft 365 - OneDrive.pdf
6/7/2023 12:06 PMFraser SP
Microsoft 365 - Password and Security Management (student).pdf
7/14/2023 1:57 PMFraser SP
Microsoft 365 - Student Year End - Class Notebook Accessing and Downloading Files.pdf
6/7/2023 12:42 PMFraser SP
Microsoft 365 - Teams - Accessing and Joining Teams (Students).pdf
6/7/2023 12:47 PMFraser SP
Microsoft 365 - Teams - How to Join a Live Event.pdf
6/7/2023 12:54 PMFraser SP
Microsoft 365 - Teams - Installation on Mac PC iPad (students).pdf
6/7/2023 2:29 PMFraser SP
Microsoft 365 - Using Your SD44 Student Email Account.pdf
6/7/2023 11:12 AMFraser SP
Video - Completing a student Assignment in Teams.mp4
1/6/2022 2:13 PMMaddy SP