North Vancouver School District
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Creativity begins here​, together

Arts Education in our schools and community is vibrant and inclusive. The strength of community within the arts fosters a strong sense of belonging for students, educators and families.

Facilitating positive and supportive relationships are at the centre of all that we do, and our relationships with our community have taught us that learning is personal. 

We embrace the First Peoples Principles of Learning to guide us in our teaching and learning and are thankful for the school district’s Indigenous Education Team for encouraging us to Go Forward with Courage 

Storytelling gives us the opportunity to practice patience, respect, and curiosity, and allows us to begin to understand each other’s place and community. We use story to invite each other to wonder and inquire. We use story to learn and grow. The arts continue to place students, and each other, at the heart of learning - by encouraging agency and engagement.

Our gallery is our place, beyond vibrant schools. It is a place of memory and experience, a welcoming place for the community to share story and to learn from each other.   

About the Team 

The Arts Education Learning Services Team is immensely proud to be part of the North Vancouver School District community and strives to support K-12 Arts Education through:

  • Curriculum. The BC Arts Education curricula includes 58 areas of learning for Grades 10-12, as well as general Arts Education for Grades K-9.
  • Professional Development. The Team’s advocacy and targeted professional development for educators provides intentional and universal professional development opportunities, strengthening our school district’s vision and goals.
  • Festivals and Exhibitions. The Team oversees district-wide arts festivals and exhibitions, which include dance, drama, music and visual arts, all with the intent to foster exceptional learning environments for our community.
  • Enrichment Programs. The Team supports enrichment through two exemplary and unique programs that have served our schools and community for over 30 years: Artists for Kids and the Elementary Band and Strings Program.

District Arts Education is committed to supporting students to develop knowledge, skills and self-confidence beyond their school environment; and an awareness of the variety of career options that exist in the arts; while building positive and engaged communities.

With all of this, we will continue to place front and centre, appreciation of how individual differences make our lives more meaningful, for the ability to share and celebrate these differences is the foundation of the arts. 

We are grateful to serve and support the arts by providing experiences for all learners to find success and belonging. We invite you to learn more about each of the disciplines: Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance.