North Vancouver School District
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Overview and Background

​In 2012, North Vancouver School District had 11 properties that were not being used for operational purposes. A community consultation process was undertaken to identify how best to use these properties to serve the school district and community needs.

Through various engagement tactics (including public surveys, an open house, municipal leaders’ workshop, community meetings, community conversations on land management ideas and solutions, and a public forum), a plan was developed for the lands. For a list of these lands and their current use, please click here.

Following three property sales (Monteray Annex, Ridgeway Annex and Keith Lynn Alternate Secondary School), North Vancouver School District currently has eight properties remaining that are not being actively used for operational public schools. In addition to these eight properties, there are several other school district properties that are currently being used as public schools but that contain additional land areas that could potentially be utilized for community purposes.

The school district is taking proactive steps to identify current and projected community needs (including school and community amenity needs) and how these needs can potentially be met by utilizing school district land assets.