North Vancouver School District
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Strategic Plan 2021-2031

​​​​​​​The North Vancouver School District provides world-class instruction and a rich diversity of engaging programs to inspire success for every student and bring communities together to learn, share and grow. As a school district with over 15,000 students, their parents and caregivers, and more than 2,500 staff, there is a strong sense of community.

In 2019, the school district began a consultative process to reflect on our progress over the past ten years and listen to and receive input and insights from the school district community to develop a new 10-year strategic plan that meets the community's needs.

The Strategic Plan 2021-2031 supports the North Vancouver School District's overarching vision and its priorities in providing the highest level of service to students and the community.

Six strategic goals were identified as top priorities. While intended to remain consistent to ensure continuity, these goals will remain flexible to adapt to changes or emerging needs.

We invite teachers, staff, students, families, educational partner groups and community members to learn more and support us in achieving our goals, living our values and achieving our vision​. 

The complete Strategic Plan 2021-2031 document is available HERE to view and download.


 Strategic Goals