North Vancouver School District
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District Snapshot
  • ​​15,758 students (headcount) enrolled in Kindergarten to Grade 12

  • 9,213 elementary and 6,545 secondary students

  • 25 elementary schools (7 French Immersion), 7 secondary schools (3 French Immersion)

  • 2017/18 Annual Budget totals $182,458,311

  • 2,453 employees (full-time and part-time), which includes 1,158 teachers, 257 teachers-on-call, 742 non-teaching staff, 160 casual staff, 128 administrative and management staff

  • A comprehensive K-12 education program consisting of over 200 provincial and locally developed educational programs and services in the Humanities, Mathematics/Sciences, Physical Education, Fine Arts and Applied Skills

  • The North Vancouver Distributed Learning School works in partnership with mainstream high schools and provides 35 academic and elective courses for Grades 10, 11 and 12 students

  • Early French Immersion and Late French Immersion Programs, enrolling 2,499 students

  • Nationally recognized local programs, including Band and Strings, Our Turn to Talk, Reading 44, Firm Foundations, Writing 44, Math 44, and the ELF (Early Learning Foundations) affiliation of preschool and child care providers

  • Summer Learning provides comprehensive programming for secondary remediation and full-credit senior secondary school courses for English Language Learners (ELL) and French Language Learners

  • A variety of specialized support services for students with exceptional learning needs

  • An International Education Program, attracting anywhere from 625-700 learners from around the world

  • The Artists for Kids Program housing a collection of contemporary Canadian art and providing award-winning fine arts enrichment programming and scholarships

  • 7 StrongStart BC Centres with 650 registered early learners

  • An alternate education program at Mountainside Secondary School

  • Cheakamus Centre, an environmental outdoor education centre, located near Squamish, BC​​