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Visual Art

Art 3.pngThe North Vancouver School District offers a unique array of opportunities in the visual arts for students from K-12. From enrichment workshops with visual artists and after school art classes with certified teachers to class visits to the Gordon Smith Gallery and District-wide exhibitions of student artwork, students in our District have unique opportunities for creating, engaging, sharing, and thinking in the visual arts.

Through the visual arts students in our District engage in the creative process and learn through discovery and practice. Learning in the visual arts provides students across all grade levels opportunities to engage with diverse perspectives and lived experiences â€“ developing skills as caring and engaged community members. Through opportunities such as the Artists for Kids Studio Arts Academy and a wide range of visual arts classes offered at the secondary level, students in our District develop advanced skills in the visual arts and learn about careers in the arts. 

Educators in our District have access to a wide range of professional development opportunities and learning resources supporting their engagement with the visual arts curriculum and providing opportunities to integrate the visual arts across multiple areas of learning.

Collaborative, lively, messy – the wide array of visual arts opportunities in our District connect our students, teachers, and community through ideas, images, and materials.​

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