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AFK Artists in Residence Enrichment Program

2023-2024 Artists-in-Residence


​Previous Artists-in-Residence

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The festival Artists-in-Residence are made possible by the Artists in Education grant, disbursed by ArtStarts. This funding program supports projects that put students in direct contact with a professional artist in residence. We gratefully acknowledge BC Arts Council and the Government of BC for their support of the Artists in Education grant.

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​AFK Artists-in-Residence Over the Years

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  Gordon Smith working with students in an enrichment class ​                         Erin MacSavaney working with students

Our enrichment programs bring together artists with teachers and students, for full-day, skill-specific classes that celebrate learning. 

We offer programs for both elementary and secondary students. From ceramics and painting to collage and photography, our enrichment programs provide vital skills training and the necessary dedicated time and focus that gives young artists the rare opportunity to immerse themselves in creativity and art making. 

For our Secondary Students, we are proud to offer learning opportunities through our Mentoring Emerging Young Artists program. During several days, students who are nominated by their school are taken out of the regular classroom stream and given the opportunity to work with a professional artist at the AFK Studios.

Over the years, we've offered enrichment programs that bring students together with teachers to work with artists such as:

 Gordon Smith - Toni Onley - Joe Fafard - David Blackwood - Guido Molinari - Kenojuak Ashevak - Rodney Graham 

Gu Xiong - Angela Grossmann - Bobbie Burgers - Erin McSavaney - Victor John Penner - Simon Chang - Judson Beaumont 

Heather Aston - Ted Harrison - Brendan Tang - Sarah Davidson - George Littlechild - Jamie Evrard - Xwalactun - DRIL Collective

Birthe Piontek - M.E. Sparks - Vanessa Brown - Cease Wyss - Mehran Modarres


Artists for Kids

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