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Students in Grade 10- 12, enrolled in the North Vancouver School District's AFK Studio Art Academy develop advanced skills in the visual arts. The Academy's curriculum broadens their options, encourages their success in post-secondary art studies, and opens doors to careers in the arts.

Through the development of a personal portfolio each year, students gain increasing confidence in their abilities as artists.  Exploration of drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture provide students with a variety of artistic processes, culminating in yearly exhibitions of their work.

Intensive studio/classroom work, visits to artists' studios and post-secondary institutions equip students with an understanding of the skills and commitment required to pursue the visual arts in a post-secondary setting. Exposure to a variety of artists during each school term adds to the richness of students' experiences in the AFK Studio Art Academy.

Students gain an understanding of trends in contemporary Canadian art and career elements required of successful studio artists.

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Work by Nicole N. 

​​In the AFK Studio Art Academy, currently hosted at Sutherland Secondary, senior students (Grades 10 - 12) develop skills and attitudes to broaden their options, encourage their success in post-secondary art studies and open the door to careers in the arts. Through in-depth exploration of drawing, painting, printingmaking and sculpture, students create personal portfolios and work towards year-end exhibitions in the Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art. Workshops with artists each year enrich students’ studio activities.​ Visits to artists’ studios, post-​secondary institutions, and the studio process prepare students with a better understanding of the role and commitment required to be a successful artist.


Artists for Kids

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