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Artist for Kids is a unique, self-sustaining art education venture operated by the North Vancouver School District in British Columbia. Our Innovative partners with more than 50 of Canada's most prominent artists, art educators and the community at large provides inspiring, highly relevant education experiences for thousand of young people annually. We have enhanced art education in schools, encouraged students to pursue their own artistic abilities, helped even more people discover great Canadian Art, acquired a sizeable community art collection from our artist- patrons, nurtured an art collecting public and most recently, established Canada's first public art museums for young audiences. As a visual arts catalyst in the community, we contribute to the development of a rich cultural aesthetic.


The continued growth and development of our acclaimed program in North Vancouver during the past 25 years also provides substantial documentation that quality art education in schools taught by art socialist educates, can significantly transform young lives, inform programming in schools and ultimately shape. A community in ways once thought unimaginable. It also clearly shows what can be accomplished in public education with commitment, understanding and engaged community support.‚Äč

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    Allison Kerr
     Director, Artist for Kids
     Principal, Arts Education‚Äč
 ‚Äč Daylen Luchsinger
  District Vice Principal Arts Education

  ‚ÄčAmelia Epp
   District Visual Art Teacher

Chantal Pinard
AFK Program Assistant

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     ‚Äč‚Äč‚ÄčEmily Neufeld
       AFK Studio Technician

   ‚ÄčMar‚Äčilyn Raman
    AFK Registrar‚Äč‚Äč

‚Äč Karl Hipol
 AFK and Smith Foundation Student Intern

Sophia Boutsakis
 AFK and Smith Foundation Student Intern‚Äč

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Artists for Kids began in 1990, and our unique approach to education has grown in reach and stature every year.

A group of art teacher wanted to provide an art-school experience in our public schools and began pulling the most talented students out of their regular classes to gain guidance and coaching in artist-led master classes. Art training was seen by the government to be a disposable aspect of education, The founders of Artists for Kids were determined to find a way for our students to continue to receive the high-quality, high-calibre art education that had been developed.

The founders knew that they needed to find a new financial model, one that was sustainable, and in turn, would supports the education opportunities provided by Artist for Kids. By purchasing art from artists, then in turn inviting them to create original, limited-edition prints that the program could sell, the founders created a unique and lasting fundraising vehicle. With the art, commitment and support of founding artist-patron Gordon Smith, Jack Shadbolt and Bill Reid, Artists for Kids was born, and with it the acclaimed Artist for Kids Collection of Canadian Art.‚Äč

Thanks to the ongoing support of our artist-patrons, Artist for Kids has grown from an idea onto a world-class art program. Through Artist for Kids has grown legacy of Canadian Art is alive and thriving in every painting explored and every stories shared from artist to student.

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Exhibitions at the Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art

The Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art is a space where education is seen not as an after-thought to curation, but as the purpose of each step we take. To ensure this, the Gordon and Marion Smith Foundation for Young Artists and Artists for Kids work collaboratively to program the Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art.

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Artists for Kids In the Gallery

Artists for Kids provides a r‚Äč‚Äčange of classes and programs, both in the Gallery and throughout the community:

  • Canadian Art Windows ‚Äď gallery tours

  • After-School Art classes

  • Paradise Valley Summer School for the Visual Arts

  • Studio Art Academy Program

  • Architecture Enrichment Programs

  • Photography Enrichment Programs

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Artists for Kids‚Äč Permanent Collection‚Äč 

The Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art is home to the acclaimed Artists for Kids teaching collection. The Artists for Kids program has been acquiring masterworks from Canada‚Äôs leading artists, including our founding patrons, Gordon Smith, Jack Shadbolt and Bill Reid, as well as Robert Davidson, Angela Grossmann, E.J. Hughes, Kenojuak Ashevak, Rodney Graham, Guido Molinari and Toni Onley, for more than 20 years.

Visit the Print Shop to view the selection of limited edition prints and support Artists for Kids art education programming. ‚Äč


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The Smith Foundation in the Gallery

The Smith Foundation promotes a greater understanding of contemporary Canadian art through the Gallery by creating:
  • Seasonal exhibitions for all audiences

  • Programs featuring docent-led gallery tours and behind-the-scenes tours

  • Artist and curator talks and symposia with leading professionals in the field

  • Publications which introduce insightful and provocative thinking about Canadian art

Learn more about the Smith Foundation and opportunities to support our exhibitions and public programs, donate online now, or become a Friend of the Gallery.‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč



Artists for Kids

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