Artists for Kids
Tajliya Jamal

Winter 2021

Visual artist and illustrator Tajliya Jamal joined AFK as artist-in-residence this winter. AFK worked with Taj to create 4 art activity videos led by the artist. These videos provide hands-on and step by step drawing and bookmaking instruction featuring Tajliya Jamal’s creative process. These art activities that can be carried out in the classroom or at home. 

For teachers: Find an overview of the activities and materials included in the videos below as well as links to the BC Art Curriculum:

AFKArtist-in-Residence_Storytelling through Illustration_Materials and Learning Standards.pdf

Tajliya Jamal

Tajliya is an emerging artist who was born in Vancouver, BC and is still currently living and working there. Working primarily in print media, she responds to cultural shifts and evolutions experienced in the city, specifically in regards to being mixed race, to multiculturalism, and the visibility or invisibility of both.

Video 1


Video 2


Video 3


Video 4




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