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Grade 7/8 Transition

​​​​​​​​​Supporting Students' Academic and Social Transition

The purpose of Grade 7/8 transition is to provide Grade 7 students with a variety of experiences to connect them to their secondary school before they begin Grade 8.

This connection focuses on the development of plans to support the course selection process, and determine any additional supports that may be required for individual students. Additional supports may address both academic and social/emotional needs. More importantly, transition supports every elementary student to feel a sense of welcome, belonging, and excitement about entering secondary school.

Transition Timeline

Early in January of each school year, the North Vancouver School District presents an Enhanced Programs and Academies Night. It is held at Sutherland Secondary School but includes information booths from all Academies and Enhanced Programs from across the School District.

The Transition process begins in the fall of Grade 7 and continues into the fall of Grade 8. Many processes and activities occur during this transition time frame.  Activities may include visits to secondary schools, social events, tours, Grade 7 partnerships with older students, and Grade 7 sporting events hosted at the secondary school.

Events for students will vary from school to school, but will include a tour of the school, a course selection meeting with the high school staff, introduction of the grade 8 counsellor, and may include invitations to watch sports events, attend special transition events, or community events at the high school. A parent information evening with information about course selections and school programs is planned for every high school.

Generally, grade 7 students transition to the secondary school within their Family of Schools. Students attending one high school can also attend an academy or enhanced program at another school. Generally, Academies are scheduled in blocks 4 or 8 to enable students to travel during their lunch hour. For transition information for your grade 7 student, please also feel free to contact your current grade 7 teacher or administration at your child's elementary school.

Grade 7/8 Parent Information Nights

At the Parent Information Nights, parents will receive a general overview of each secondary school and have the opportunity to attend an optional parent school tour. Information specific to grade 8 and the transition to secondary school will also be presented during the evening.

NVSD’s Grade 7/8 Transition Program focuses on providing both students and families with information about high school and learning how we can best support our students prior to their official arrival in September.

For specific school course programming information, visit individual school websites here.

Summer Learning 7/8 Transition 

For students currently in grade 7

Summer Learning provides a platform for students to explore and extend learning opportunities while fulfilling their educational requirements through a variety of opportunities in the month of July.  

Summer Learning 7/8 Transitions is a non-credit course designed to provide a boost for students who have just completed Grade 7 and may be hesitant about the transition to secondary school, need advanced and increased orientation into the secondary school setting, and want to develop skills around the Core Competencies in order to support greater success in Grade 8 and beyond. Skill acquisition will be embedded within the experiential nature of the course. Students will work in a variety of environments and with different tools to gain confidence and familiarity with the secondary school transition.  

For more information, visit the Summer Learning 7/8 Transition web page.

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