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Rentals and Community Use of School Facilities

2021/2022 School Year Bookings

Rental Requests

We are currently accepting rental requests for gyms and multipurpose room rentals only for the 2021-2022 school year.

Please note that:

  • At this time, we are implementing minimum rental blocks in Gymnasiums of 2 hours to reduce the number of group transitions.
  • All rental groups and individuals are required to provide proof of liability insurance of $5 million naming The Board of Education of School District No. 44 (North Vancouver) as an additional insured. Insurance can be obtained from your local insurance provider or at
  • A signed contract, proof of insurance, and payment is due within 7 days of booking for rentals occurring within 7 days.

Field rentals are available for booking through the North Vancouver Recreation Commission, here.

Other outdoor spaces such as basketball courts, sport enclosures and playground spaces on school property cannot be booked. These amenities are available for community use outside of school hours.

Please Note: Commercial coaching on school grounds, including courts, enclosures and covered areas is prohibited. Coaching is only allowed on school fields with the appropriate rental contract.

Health & Safety Requirements

All rental groups must have a Facility Rental Agreement in place prior to accessing any school spaces.

The group organizer is responsible for ensuring that all participants are supervised while in the facility and that the group abides by all current PHO orders including but not limited to: 

  • Ensuring that if the group includes youth, that they are under the supervision of an adult at all times while in the facility.
  • Ensuring that all activities occurring in rented spaces are permitted as per relevant regional and federal public health recommendations.
  • Keeping a record of participant names and contact information to support contact tracing activities by the local health authority.
  • Ensuring participants are practicing diligent hand and respiratory hygiene and are not attending when ill.
  • Ensuring participants only access the areas outlined in the rental contract.
  • Ensuring participants are compliant with indoor mask mandates — currently masks are mandatory in all areas of the school by everyone aged 5 years and older except when the participant is actively engaged in physical activity in the rented space.(i.e. masks must be worn when entering, in all common areas, in washrooms).
  • Ensuring that participants are compliant with all other PHO orders including the current vaccine passport requirements.

Please contact should you have any questions.

The Board of Education offers flexible recreational and meeting space rentals to community groups for private, non-profit, and commercial purposes from 5:30 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends. 

*Please note: School space is not rented during vacation periods (winter, summer, and spring break) or on professional development days. Rental bookings are only arranged for the current school year.

School District facilities that may be available to rent include:

  • Gymnasiums
  • Cafeterias
  • Libraries
  • Multi-purpose rooms
  • Auditoriums / theatres
  • Meeting rooms
  • Music rooms
  • Parking lots

The availability of school facilities varies and rental use must not impact the delivery of Kindergarten to Grade 12 programs. School and other District programs have first priority in the use of facilities.

If you would like to rent a space, please fill out the Facilities Rental Application Form. Please see our current rates on the Rentals page in the left menu.

All requests to book facilities in the North Vancouver School District are handled through the Facilities Department. A Rental Agreement will be provided upon approval and the signed agreement, payment and proof of liability insurance are due within 7 days of booking. Please review our Rental Terms & Conditions prior to submitting a booking request.

For more information, please contact:

SD44 Rentals
Phone: 604-903-4611



Cheakamus Centre - The Natural Place to Meet

Cheakamus Centre, home of the North Vancouver Outdoor School, is pleased to provide year-round rental access to unique venues and accommodations for nature-inspired meetings, retreats, and celebrations.  Situated on 420 acres of ecological reserve in the Cheakamus River Valley near Squamish, BC, this magical setting inspires reflection, understanding, and connection to the natural world.  Whether it's a milestone celebration event with exceptional catering, a corporate team-building activity led by our experienced staff, or a private retreat with self-guided programming, we ensure guests a memorable and seamless experience.  Cheakamus Centre can accommodate groups of up to 300 people.

For more information about booking your next meeting or event at the Cheakamus Centre, please link here.  Find sample menus, room layouts, accommodations, photo galleries, and FAQs about Rentals at the Cheakamus Centre.

Proceeds from facility-rentals support our environmental education and leadership programs for children and youth. 



Questions and Answers about Rentals

Q. What school facilities are available for rent?
A. To find a school in a specific area, please use our School Locator Tool

Q. Are parts of the Education Services Centre available for rent?
A.  Yes, the event space is available for booking on Thursdays and Fridays from noon onward and all day on the weekends. For bookings during these times, please visit The View on Lonsdale for further details and contact information.

Q. Is the BlueShore Financial Environmental Learning Centre at Brackendale (near Squamish) available for rent?
A. Yes, please find more information here.

Q. What times can I request?
A. School facility availability varies and rental use must not impact the delivery of the North Vancouver School District's educational programs. School and other District programs have first priority of the facilities. School space is not rented during vacation periods (winter, summer, and spring break). A full list of District- Wide closures is available on our Rentals page in the left menu. School facilities are available on weekends and after 5:30 p.m. throughout the week. An additional fee is charged on weekends for custodial services.

Q. Do all school facilities cost the same rate?
A. The fees vary depending on the venue, group classification, and custodial time, if required. The North Vancouver School District's rental rates are posted here.  Secondary school facilities cost more than elementary school facilities, and private and commercial groups may be charged a graduated fee. Youth and adult not-for-profit groups are charged a lower rate. Activities that increase wear and tear and generally result in higher maintenance costs are recovered through rental fees. Please see our current rates on the Rentals page in the left menu.

An additional fee for custodial services is charged on weekends and at the discretion of the rentals office. This fee is to ensure that there is a school district representative on site to provide opening and closing services and cleaning as required. Please see our posted rental rates for current fees.

Q. Can we rent a classroom space?
A. Classroom space is available in secondary schools starting at 5:30 p.m. on weekdays. Please provide details of your request in the Rental Application Form. Classroom usage must be approved for community use by the principal.

Q. Can we film on school property?
A. We do our best to accommodate filming requests. Please provide details of your request in the Rental Application Form

Q. Can we use school equipment?
A. Equipment is not included in the rentals.  However, some schools may allow the use of specific sporting equipment in gymnasiums such as volleyball nets and hockey nets.

Q. Can we rent school fields?
A. Field rental and use is coordinated through the North Vancouver Recreation Commission under a Joint Use Agreement that delineates hours of use between the school and the community.

Q. If I have a question about my Rentals Application or Agreement, what should I do?
A.  Please direct all rentals related inquiries to

Q. How long will it take before my request is approved?
A. The Facilities Department makes an effort to review rental requests within seven days.

Q. Why do you need to know how many participants?
A. Our on-site staff must know how many people will be entering the building.  This information is also required for reports to the Ministry of Education.

Q. Do I need general liability insurance and how much does it cost?
A. Renters must arrange their own general liability insurance coverage.  Please contact your local insurance company to inquire about rates and to arrange coverage.

Q. Do you rent facilities for birthday parties?
A. Yes, we do. The rental fees are for facility space only and do not include equipment, decorations, set up, or any associated party services.

Q. What are the requirements and responsibilities of renters?
A. Adequate supervision is essential and all persons renting schools are required to give this careful attention.  Renters must carry appropriate insurance coverage and be prepared to pay for any loss and/or damage caused by individuals who attend or gain access through the rental.  Please see Policy 801: Community Use and Rental of Facilities.

All persons renting school facilities are required to agree to hold the Board of Education harmless from all and any liability resulting from bodily injury and damage to property.

Renters must obey all reasonable direction of the School Board employee in charge of the school building at that time.

Q. Can we advertise through the school or attach posters outside the school building?
A. No advertising may be done through the school nor can advertising be attached to the outside of the school building.

Q. Can we smoke in the rented space?
A. All schools in British Columbia are tobacco-free. The ban applies to school property at all times, regardless of whether or not school is in session.  For more information about the BC Tobacco Control Act, please see the Ministry of Health's website, Tobacco-Free Schools, and Policy 804: Smoking on Board Premises.  The BC Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act comes into force on September 1, 2016.

Q. Can we drink alcohol in the rented space?
A.  Alcoholic beverages are not permitted without the written approval of the Secretary Treasurer and on the advice of the principal or manager in charge of the building. The groups submitting requests in writing must comply with B.C. laws and obtain the appropriate liquor licence. Information on this process is available here. Additional information is available through the BC Ministry of Justice Liquor Control and Licensing Branch.

Q. Can we sell food in the rented space?
A. A food permit is required to sell food in school spaces.  Please see the Vancouver Coastal Health website for more information about regulatory requirements to offer food services.

Q. Can we leave items at the school facility and arrange for next-day pickup?
A. The Board will not be responsible for any property left on the school premises.

Q. Who do we contact on weekends if we have an urgent matter relating to our facility rental in the North Vancouver School District?
A. Please contact Roger Stangl, Custodial Services Manager, 778-772-1511.