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When a concussion is suspected within the context of sport or play, the child or youth should be immediately removed. The individual should be assessed for "red flag" signs of concussion, monitored closely, and not left alone. If available, a sideline assessment is recommended.

Even if the child/youth says they are fine and asks to return to the game, practice, playground, gym or activity, it should not be permitted.

How to Report a Suspected Concussion

When a concussion is suspected, parents/guardians must be notified. During school hours, it is recommended the CATT Concussion Incident Report be used.

After school hours or when sport/play occurs offsite, it may not be practical or possible to use the CATT Concussion Incident Report form.

In these instances, it is still essential that 'removal from play' occur and that parents/caregivers are notified, along with school officials. It is recommended that individual schools develop a strategy to ensure this process is followed.