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Medication Management in Schools

​It is encouraged that any non-emergency medication be administered to children outside of school hours. However, if there are unavoidable instances when a student must have physician prescribed medication administered while at school the following needs to be in place (there are instances when students must be administered physician prescribed medication while at school):

  1. The medication must be supplied in the original container with the pharmacy label attached, that includes: the dose, name of the child, date, physician’s name.
  2. The following forms need to be completed:

Student Focused Medication Management - Plan (updated May 2019)

Student focused medication management plan.pdf

Student Focused Medication Management - Parent Consent (updated May 2019)

Student focused medication management parental consent.pdf

Student Focused Medication Management - Dispensing Medication Record Sheet (updated May 2019)

Dispensing medication record sheet.pdf

Please note, Student Focused Medication Management is not for emergency medication, nor do office staff have the ability to monitor the child after administering non-emergency medication. For emergency/life threatening medical conditions, please see Medical Alert Management Guidelines.