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Permission Forms

​​​​Each year, parents/guardians are asked to complete school district permission forms. The following forms are completed at the start of the school year, using the online system SchoolCash Online:

  • Impromptu Walking Field Trip Informed Consent
  • Personal Information Consent for School District Publications
  • Student Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement 

All other permission forms are paper based, and parents/guardians will receive, complete and return them directly to their child's school.

​Personal Information Consent for School District Publications form

In 2022, the North Vancouver School District updated the Personal Information Consent for School District Publications form to reflect our privacy practices and to ensure we are fully transparent with families about the use of student information.

The FAQ below is meant to address some of the questions schools have received regarding this form.

Why do I need to complete a Personal Information Consent for School District Publications form?

The North Vancouver School District is committed to maintaining the privacy of students and collects, uses and discloses student personal information in accordance with the British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the British Columbia School Act. The school district seeks consent for any collection, use or disclosure of personal information not authorized by this legislation.

For the school district to share student personal information when engaging with the community, through social media, online channels, print and digital publications and external media, consent is required. ​

What personal information am I being asked to consent to being collected, used or disclosed? 

The school district would like your consent to collect, keep, use, edit, reproduce and share photographs, recordings, videos, images, work product and/or the name of your child or descriptions of their achievements.

Would you provide some examples of where my child's personal information could be used or shared? 

Photographs, recordings, videos, images, work product and/or the name of your child or descriptions of their achievements may be used or shared in:

  • School and/or school district communications and publications, in print or digital formats, such as yearbooks, class photos, school panorama photos, posters and newsletters.
  • School and/or school district websites and online channels.
  • School and/or school district social media sites.

Why does the school/school district engage with the community and share my child's personal information as described above?

The school district may use the information for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Informing and connecting with families and the school community.
  • Recognizing and encouraging the achievements of students and staff.
  • Fostering school spirit and unity.
  • Building community support for public education.
  • Promoting or increasing understanding about the school district's programs and activities.

What is an example of a “work product"?

A work product is typically a creative work, such as an artwork, poem or other written work that is displayed.

I do not want to provide consent, but I would like my child to participate in the class photo (or school yearbook, etc.). What should I do?

In this situation, please speak with your child's teacher or school principal.

It is a good practice to share your wishes regarding personal information consent with your child(ren). Schools and the school district will do our very best to respect and adhere to the wishes expressed on the consent form, but families should ensure their children understand too.

Who should complete this form?

A parent/legal guardian who has the right to exercise the student's privacy protection rights should complete this form. Note: secondary students are also required to complete the form, along with the parent/guardian.

What happens if I do not complete this form?

If a completed form is not submitted, the school district will assume consent has not been provided and the student's personal information will not be used for the purposes as described above.

Can consent be withdrawn?

Consent may withdrawn at any time by providing notice in writing to your child's school. Consent cannot be withdrawn for any previously printed or published material.

How long will consent remain in effect?

Unless withdrawn, consent will remain in effect until September 30 of the next school year.


Should you have any questions or require further information about how the school district protects and manages personal information, please contact the Office of the Secretary Treasurer at