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PAC & School funded projects - School District guidelines

PACs and schools fund many projects to support their schools. Below is a list of some of the most common PAC and school funded projects, along with guidance on how to successfully undertake these projects.

General considerations that need to be included in all project planning:

  • Consider function over form. The project should enhance learning. If you are considering refreshing or cosmetically updating existing spaces, please first consider initiatives that improve function or enhance learning at your school.
  • Consider complete cost, including installation and maintenance.
  • Consider required timelines for project completion. It is important to note that the school district's facilities and maintenance summer work is planned in February (e.g, grad presents should be brought forward before December for guaranteed completion). Allow for ample turnaround time.
  • Regulatory compliance - permits, HazMat, accessibility, easements, etc.
  • Where a PAC initiative results in a PAC funded Capital Project, such as a playground or equipment purchase, it becomes the property of the school district.
  • Procurement of any goods or equipment must be done through the North Vancouver School District's procurement department.
  • Donation of in-kind services and materials must be reviewed and approved by the North Vancouver School District.
  • Volunteer/participation build initiatives are not permitted.

Process for all projects:

  1. School Administration reviews potential project idea.
  2. Consider the school plan and/or school technology plan.
  3. Consider installation costs.
  4. Consider lifecycle maintenance and replacement costs.
  5. Consider impact on space and structure.
  1. School Administrator creates project request Work Order in IMPAK with concept and applicable forms.
  2. Work order internally goes to the Facilities and Planning department, with other departments copied in as needed.
  3. If technology purchases are involved, the Information and Communication Technology department (ICT) must be involved from the get-go.
  4. Feedback is provided to the school on how to move forward, along with any other considerations or costs.

Common PAC and school funded projects