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Supporting Student Learning

‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚ÄčNorth Vancouver School District staff have compiled some useful links and resources for families to support a child's learning at home.

The B.C. Ministry of Education and Child Care (B.C. Ministry) resources and web links are the primary source of information. Other sites, while not endorsed by the North Vancouver School District, are provided for your convenience and information.

‚ÄčGeneral Information and Resources ‚Äč

‚ÄčAttendance Matters

‚ÄčFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about student attendance, including a list of community resources and support networks that are available on the North Shore.
‚ÄčB.C. Provincial Graduation Assessments
‚ÄčGrades 10, 11, and 12 Literacy and Numeracy Assessment schedule and specifications, resources, and Calculator Policy.
‚ÄčCurriculum Packages by Grade All of the B.C. Ministry Curriculum packages ‚Äč(Kindergarten to Grade 12) are provided by subject and by grade.
‚ÄčB.C. Ministry Curriculum and Assessment Resources

Information regarding the curriculum and assessment of students from Kindergarten to Grade 12‚Äč.

‚ÄčK-12 Student Reporting Information
‚ÄčInformation regarding the student reporting changes, which go into effect starting with the 2023/24 school year. Resources include links to webinars, information sheets and brochures.
B.C. Ministry Graduation Program Graduation Handbook of Procedures for students in Grades 10-12, as well as Diploma links and information.
‚ÄčB.C. Ministry Grad Planning
Grad Planner and other graduation information is posted in both English and French.
‚ÄčB.C. Ministry Indigenous-Focused Graduation Requirement
‚ÄčInformation on how students can meet the mandatory Indigenous-focused graduation requirement.
‚ÄčB.C. Ministry Assessment Calendar ‚ÄčAn online calendar of important dates related to Provincial Assessments and Data Transfer.
BCCAT Education Planner  ‚ÄčBC Council on Admissions & Transfers' publicly-funded resource to help students make informed decisions about post-secondary institutions and career options in B.C.
B.C. Transfer Guide ‚ÄčBC Transfer System enables students to receive credit at an institution for courses taken at another. Find which institutions are part of the BC Transfer System, how transfers work, how to transfer in/out of BC, what is unassigned credit, and transfer a student loan.
North Vancouver City Public Library Information about the North Vancouver City Public Library.
‚ÄčNorth Vancouver District Public Library
‚ÄčInformation about the North Vancouver District Public Library.
‚ÄčOpen School BC Online Catalogue Source of packaged courses (paper-based) that can be purchased.  Site includes some online resources that do not require teacher support.
‚ÄčDiscovery Education Canada ‚ÄčTeacher and parent/caregiver curricular resources in digital format.
‚ÄčKhan Academy ‚ÄčInteractive online lessons, virtual labs, etc. for all grade levels and curricular areas. Note: This site is not specific to the B.C curriculum.
‚ÄčWatch Know Learn ‚ÄčEducational videos for all subject areas and grade levels (US curriculum).

Elementary Literacy Supports

‚ÄčKiz Club‚ÄčAnimated stories with audio (levels 1 to 3).
‚ÄčMagic Keys Books‚ÄčIllustrated children's stories with audio.
‚ÄčMighty Book‚ÄčFree animated storybooks.
‚ÄčStoryline Online‚ÄčWell known picture books read out loud by members of the Screen Actors' Guild (primary - listening and reading).

Elementary Numeracy Supports

‚ÄčCaribou Contests ‚ÄčGrade 3 and up.
IXL MathK to Grade 12 (limit of 15 free questions per day).

English Language Learners (ELL)

‚ÄčStorybooks Canada
‚ÄčStorybooks Canada is a free, open educational resource that promotes literacy and language learning. Part of the Global Storybooks project, it makes 40 stories from the African Storybook available with text and audio in English, French, and the most widely spoken immigrant and refugee languages of Canada.