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Policy 213: School Completion Certificate

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Adopted: December 12, 2007


The Board will award School Completion Certificates (SCC) based upon Ministerial Orders and regulations under the School Act. School Completion Certificates are intended to recognize the accomplishments of students, including students with special needs, who have succeeded in meeting the goals of their educational program other than graduation.

Guiding Principles

The Board is committed to ensure that processes are in place for all students, including Students with Special Needs, which:
    • Accurately identify students who require modifications to their educational programme
    • Apply appropriate interventions to meet the educational needs of every student
    • Communicate accurately and regularly with parents and/or guardians regarding the educational programme and progress of every student.
 The Board is committed to provide educational programs and services to students, including Students with Special Needs, which:
    • Are characterized by inclusionary practices that promote participation and interaction for all students
    • Allows those students to experience success and challenges them to strive toward their maximum potential
    • Are organized to provide equitable access to all areas of the curriculum across the School District.

Requirements for the Granting of a School Completion Certificate

The Board will submit to the Minister the names of students to be awarded a School Completion Certificate, including Students with Special Needs, who have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and are enrolled in an educational program that is not designed to meet the requirements for the granting of a Certificate of Graduation (Dogwood Certificate).

To be eligible for a School Completion Certificate, a student must meet the following criteria:
    • Completion of the goals of an Individual Education Plan (IEP)
    • Completion of a Transition Plan
    • Completion of Work Experience/Community Service Requirements
    • Completion of Physical Activity Requirements.
Details for each requirement are contained in the North Vancouver School Board’s “Guidelines for School Completion Certificate” and progress toward meeting those requirements should be recorded in the “School Completion Folder.”

Evaluation and Assessment

The learning outcomes for a student’s programme will be contained in a student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). The case manager and/or the classroom teacher will develop those learning outcomes for individualized Locally Developed (LD) courses.

Schools must issue marks in a manner consistent with the Provincial Letter Grade Order. In some courses, students on school completion programs will be evaluated using standards established for other students. In Locally Developed courses, marks will be based on appropriate measures of individualized progress.

Schools shall maintain appropriate records in the British Columbia enterprise Student Information System (BCeSIS), including the entering of marks in the Transcript and Examination system (TRAX), in order to allow the Ministry of Education to prepare a School Completion Certificate and a School Transcript for authorized signatures and distribution. The transcript should reflect progress on Ministry Authorized courses and/or Locally Developed (LD) courses.

Administrative Procedures

Schools must ensure:

That any student who is deemed to be on a program other than one that leads to a graduation certificate must have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and that IEP must meet requirements as outlined in Ministerial Orders, Ministerial Regulations and the School Act. The IEP must clearly indicate that the programme of studies will not lead to a Certificate of Graduation (Dogwood Certificate)
    • That appropriate supports are in place to meet the requirements of the educational programme that is developed for the IEP
    • That parents and/or guardians and, where appropriate, the student are included in the development and ongoing assessment of the IEP
    • That progress on the educational program developed for every student shall be reported on a regular basis
    • That reporting processes are in place to enable the Ministry of Education to issue a School Completion Certificate and a Student Transcript to students who are not on a graduation programme.