North Vancouver School District
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Policy 204: Alternate Education
Revised: September 25, 2001
Revised: March 1, 2006
Revised: December 11, 2012


In accordance with the Ministry of Education’s Alternate Education School Program Policy, a Board may establish programs or schools that will serve as alternates to those which serve the general population of students. 
The Board of Education recognizes the specialized needs of its alternate education learners, students who may have educational, social, emotional, and/or behavioural challenges that require an alternate educational setting and program.
The overall responsibility for the establishment and operation of alternate programs or schools within the North Vancouver School District resides with the Board.  The Board will determine the educational program, curriculum delivery, and pedagogical directions of the alternate school or program.  The Board’s alternate education schools or programs will:
    • Meet the requirements of the School Act, Ministerial regulations, policies, procedures, and orders, Board policies, provincial and School District prescribed curriculum, learning outcomes, and widely-accepted assessment and evaluation practices and procedures (Policy 209: Student Assessment)
    • Address the diverse learning needs of students, foster social/emotional learning, support student achievement, and enable alternate pathways to graduation
    • Enhance differentiated instruction and personalized learning at schools throughout the School District
    • Support and facilitiate the smooth transition of students to and from the alternate education school or program and mainstream schools.
Funding levels and financial support for alternate programs or schools will be consistent with the per student funding provided by the Ministry of Education, and as determined by the Board.

Administrative Procedures

Intake Procedures
Prior to acceptance into an alternate education school or program, potential student candidates will be screened for intake.  Referrals are made through the School-Based Resource Team (SBRT) to the Learning Services District Resource Team (DRT). Refer to Inclusive Education 44 Learning Services Handbook – District Based Services and Programs.  The screening process applies to students currently enrolled in the North Vancouver School District, or those applying from outside of the School District, pursuant to Policy 605: Admission of Students to School.
Transportation funding will not be provided for attendance at alternate schools or programs, unless deemed necessary by the Board.
District Review of Alternate Education School Programs
Alternate education schools or programs established under this Policy will be reviewed following the initial year of operation and at least every five (5) years.  The District Review reports will be submitted to the Board.
Review of Policy
The Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designate will review this policy as required.