North Vancouver School District
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Policy 206: Continuing Education
Revised: September 25, 2001


The Board is committed to providing high quality educational programs and activities that enhance the personal, professional and academic development of lifelong learners of all ages. Such programs and activities shall be referred to as Continuing Education.

Administrative Procedures

Budgetary Considerations
The Continuing Education Program shall, to the greatest degree possible, operate on a financially self-supporting basis through charging of fees and by obtaining provincial grants. The financial contribution of the School District is to be kept to a minimum.
Cooperative Arrangements
In the interests of providing the best and most comprehensive Continuing Education Program possible for the residents for the School District, cooperative arrangements may be made with other educational institutions or community organizations and agencies.
Contracted Services
Continuing Education programs or services may be provided on a contracted basis to other organizations or groups where it is advantageous to the School District to do so.