North Vancouver School District
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Policy 208: Summer Programs
Revised: September 25, 2001
Revised: June 21, 2016


The Board considers the provision of alternative and inclusive pathways to education as key features of the educational programs offered in the North Vancouver School District.  The Board authorizes the operation of Summer Programs, during the months of July and August, to provide a variety of opportunities for students to enhance and advance their learning. The educational programs offered address a wide variety of needs and meet the quality of instructional programs offered during the regular school year.

The flexible summer learning opportunities are offered for students who wish to take summer courses that suit their individual learning plans and provide an alternative pathway to completing academic courses for graduation.  

Summer learning opportunities range from a review of courses already completed, skill building courses to enhance student success, elementary support programs, to regular academic courses.  Some courses and programs may require referral.

Summer program offerings are determined each year and communicated broadly to inform students, parents, and guardians of the learning opportunities available to students.  

The Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designate will review this policy as required.


Policy 208: Summer Programs - Administrative Procedures